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+ 50 quick and easy dinner recipes



+ 50 meal idea to find recipes for dinner

+ 50 quick and easy dinner recipes

Meal idea for overworked person

Hello everyone,

It’s always nice to find dinner recipes or idea of quick and easy recipe when we are overwhelmed, and we want to make a good dish for our little family or even recipes for Christmas.

That’s why today I’m going to share with you an index with more than 50 recipes and ideas for an easy and quick dinner.

I also drew up an aperitif table beforehand, and recently a Menu of the week table, a table that will give you lots of meal ideas for the evening or with friends.

Organize, save and save time:

Personally to organize myself better, I always do the menu of the week every Friday evening.

Sometimes I ask my children what they want to eat during the week or the meal that makes them happy, so on Saturday morning I go out to do my shopping for the week.

Then I prepare what I can prepare as ingredients or even side dishes to make during the week.

The more you will draw up menus like this, the better you will organize your preparations, and even organize the budget of your expenses.

I noticed that since I make my menus, Isave better, and I wasted less.

find recipes for dinner with friends easy and fast
+ 50 recipes and ideas for easy and quick dinner meals

Make shopping list:

Once you have decided on the recipes to make during the week, make a shopping list, while sorting out what you have in your cupboard or in the refrigerator.

I save better because I only buy what I need.

We tend once at the market and we start to see beautiful vegetables and fruits, we have the desire to want to make such and such a recipe, and we start buying without thinking.

In the end, the big day to make the recipe, either we don’t have all the ingredients, or otherwise, we don’t find the time to make the recipe.

Until these products go mouldy, especially vegetables, and end up in the trash.

And that’s why I tell you we waste less, we know what we’re going to cook and when we buy what we need.

Dishes to prepare in advance:

Regarding the organization after shopping, it is always linked to the recipes programmed for the week!

That is to say, if I have a recipe that contains a lot of vegetables that I have to peel and cut, I prepare the quantities I need, I wash and dry them, then I place them either in wooden boxes. glass, or otherwise in freezer bags and I place in the fridge (not in the freezer).

If I have a pizza to make, I prepare the tomato sauce in advance, sometimes even the pizza dough to freeze.

pizza dough to freeze, easy dinner recipe idea
pizza dough to freeze

If for example I plan to make an Indian recipe, like chicken tikka masala, I marinate the chicken at least two hours before, and then I place in a freezer bag, and in the freezer.

When I make the menu for the week, I take busy days into account, and I schedule a quick and easy dinner recipe That day.

My breads I always prepare them on Sundays, and I freeze them immediately after cooling, I do that with matlouh, khobz dar bread, string bread, pita bread, kesra rakhsis, and almost any other bread recipe.

The breads keep very well in the freezer, you just have to remember and take your bread out of the freezer at least 1 hour before!

The starters, I prepare them at night whether it’s the stuffing of bricks, or the falafel recipe, the blinis which I always prepare in large quantities and which I freeze, and the day when I have leftovers, I add Blini appetizers that we really like.

I also prepare the dough for savory pie or quiche in advance, I do this at night and spread the dough just a little and in the fridge, until the next day when I take it out of the fridge, shape it and go straight to the cooking.

All this to tell you that even if you are more than overwhelmed, taking a little time to get organized will make a lot of tasks easier.

But today we are not going to talk about the menu and how to program these recipes, today I am sharing with you lots of easy or quick recipes, and meal ideas that will help you in your organization.

Easy caprese salad

+15 salad recipes for dinner:

First we go with a list of quick and easy salad for dinner, what I like in salads, especially mixed salads, they can easily take the place of a single dish, they can be eaten cold, which means that they can be prepared well in advance.

Quick and easy dinner recipe idea

Cold soup with green asparagus

+12 easy soup recipes for dinner:

You can also make easy soups for dinner, quite tasty. Soups are ideal as quick and hot meal for the evening.

+ 50 easy recipes for everyday dinner:

What we will see below are easy and simple everyday recipesyou will have meal ideas that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, and others that take 1h30 at most, if you prepare everything at the same time, but if you prepare one of the components before, such as a tomato sauce or a bechamel for a gratin, a pie shell for a quiche, you can make the meal quickly.

In any case you will find + 50 easy and quick dinner recipes, which I hope you will enjoy.

I have not yet finished feeding this table, I will try to update this article as I go along, and above all to fill it with ideas for easy and very quick meals:

For the moment I share with you this recipe for cheese potato gratin in video:

pina colada: cold drink without alcohol

+ 20 easy dessert recipes for dinner:

For the big gourmands who like to end the evening meal in style and treat themselves with a delicious dessert,

more than 50 recipes and meal ideas

+ 50 quick and easy dinner recipes

Kitchen Love

Preparation time 10 min

Cooking time 30 min

type of dish dish

Kitchen French

  • cut the washed and peeled potatoes into thin slices

  • butter an almost 22 cm gratin dish.

  • sprinkle some grated garlic (optional)

  • cover with a layer of potato slices, salt and pepper.

  • Grate some nutmeg over it,

  • add 1/3 of the milk and fresh cream mixture.

  • garnish with grated cheese and garlic and repeat the operation 3 more times until the potato slices are used up.

  • bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for at least 1 hour (prolong the baking if necessary)

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