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Algerian fried cakes

Almond and honey cigars for Ramadan



almond cigars

Almond and honey cigars for Ramadan

Hello everyone,

I know I said: Cigars with almonds and honey for Ramadan, but I admit that at home I don’t only make this recipe during Ramadan, it’s as soon as I buy a packet of pastry sheets or I homemade, I make a small batch of this extremely easy and too good honey cake.

With only 4 sheets of commercial bricks, you can make 16 cigars, not too big or too big, which can be enjoyed easily with a good mint tea.

This recipe is really very very easy, and it’s not because we’re going to cook in oil that this little delicacy will be too oily? No don’t worry, the stuffing is already very compact, so these almond cigars are not likely to absorb the oil, in addition their cooking will not take more than 3 minutes for each piece, it’s a fine layer of brick pastry which is normally already pre-cooked, whether homemade or commercial, then frying is just to give a slightly golden color.

Be careful, it cooks very quickly!

Today’s cigars are as you have read with almonds, but you can easily replace the almonds with peanuts to make peanut cigars, or alternatively add coconut to the almonds, or even use pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, let your imagination run free to make different stuffings, and to add more flavors to cigars.

In Algeria, these cigars are rather called bouek erenaWhere bourek errena which are stuffed with mixed nuts and almonds. Sometimes, we use a whole pastry sheet to make these boureks, so they are much longer than those, but generally it’s with homemade pastry sheets which are a little smaller than commercial pastry sheets.

almond cigars, Ramadan dessert

almond and honey cigars for Ramadan

Almond cigars, bourek erena

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  • prepare the stuffing by mixing the powdered almonds, sugar and cinnamon

  • add the melted butter and mix a little

  • Gradually moisten with rose water to have a dough that can be picked up but not too sticky, so you don’t have to add the full amount of rose water. To book

  • cut the pastry sheets into four quarters and keep them in a plastic bag to prevent the dough from drying out while working.

  • Take the quarter sheet obtained, place the rounded side towards you and the point in front

  • place a sausage of almost 5 cm maximum in length and 1 cm in diameter, a little far from the rounded edge

  • Fold the sides and roll up to cover the stuffing while tightening

  • Coat the tip with egg white and stick

  • Place the tip side down in a tray and cover with a clean tea towel.

  • When all the boureks are shaped, put the oil to heat and fry the cigars to have a golden color

  • drain on absorbent paper and leave to cool

  • Slightly heat the honey with a tablespoon of orange blossom or rose water

  • Gently dip the cigars in the lukewarm honey.

  • drain on wire rack.

  • Enjoy with a good mint tea, otherwise keep in an airtight container. You can always dip again in lukewarm honey before serving another time.

almond cigars, or bourek erena
bouek erena (errenna)

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