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Batbout Moroccan bread with flour



moroccan batbout

Batbout Moroccan bread with flour

Hello everyone,

Here are super fondant and delicious batbout moroccan flour bread “بطبوط مغربي” which I like to prepare quite often, because children like them a lot in the sandwich version, they are delicious, light, and very easy to make and cook. For the realization of batbout, you do not need to put yourself in the kitchen, nor to remove all your appliances and materials, because the batbout recipe is so easy, it’s not going to leave your bread basket.

the batbout is a very good one moroccan bread house of Moroccan cuisine, which can easily accompany many dishes and salads, and which you can present stuffed according to your taste. We love each other with a chorbaor just to enjoy as a snack with tomato jam, apricot jam, or peach jam.

My children like it in sandwiches as I told you, because it’s easy to fill and it holds the stuffing well, by the way, I’ll spare you my two favorite stuffings batbouts stuffed with tuna and chicken stuffed batbouts. My children rather prefer the version of batbout moroccan bread stuffed with tuna, or with tuna rillette and it’s true that it is too good.

I really like in the morning, place a batbout pancake in the toaster, then cut in half, and make a thin layer of butter and apricot jam, frankly it’s too delicious.

how to make moroccan batbout

Generally, I prepare a large quantity of batboutI let them cool well, then I wrap them very well and put them in the freezer, just remove them for a few minutes before tasting, why not spend 30 seconds in the toaster and it’s as if we had just finished cooking .

These batbouts that I’m sharing with you today are flour-based, and you don’t need to over-knead. but I really like semolina, moreover I’ll pass on my recipe for the semolina batbout stuffed with minced meat and spinach, but of course, you can put any other stuffing in it!

For today’s recipe, I tried the recipe from lakbira, which has me much more, and which I adopted since then. the recipe is very simple and easy, you can cook in a frying pan, a griddle or an earthen tajine, as I do for my matlouh arabic bread.

batbout moroccan bread
batbout moroccan bread
batbout moroccan bread

Batbout Moroccan flour bread “بطبوط مغربي”

kitchen love

The batbout this moroccan flour bread “بطبوط مغربي” ideal in sandwich version, these delicious, light and very easy to make and cook rolls in the pan.

Preparation time 40 min

Cooking time 15 min

Total time 55 min

  • pour the flour on a work surface,

  • make a well, add the salt to the flour and then add fresh yeast, a small drizzle of table oil and gradually pour in lukewarm water while kneading.

  • It takes a good twenty minutes of effective, energetic kneading; do not hesitate to knead with your fists, the dough will make little “clak” “clak” noises when it is well kneaded.

  • In the end, you must have a nice, rather soft dough while remaining manageable.

  • We pass a little oil on the ball of dough formed so that it does not form a skin then we cover it with a clean cloth and let rise, well rise…

  • Once lifted, with the fist we degas the dough then on a floured work surface, we form small balls the size of an egg.

  • Then we spread each ball, a bun about 5 mm thick, do not make them thick otherwise they will be heavy, not hollow inside.

  • Place the buns on a clean floured towel and cover them with another cloth + 1 small blanket so that they rise quickly.

  • It is really necessary to let them rise a little longer before cooking them in a pan.

These moroccan batbout are super light their size allows them to be made into a base for delicious sandwiches that the whole family will love.

Batbout Moroccan bread with flour

good tasting

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