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cauliflower and potato gratin



cauliflower and potato gratin

Hello everyone,

At dinner today, this delicious cauliflower and potato gratin. A recipe that I saw on my group on facebook, and I was just waiting for the opportunity to make it. Miraculously, nothing remains, because everyone ate without saying a word, hihihih.

I hope you like this potato and cauliflower gratin, I just have to mention that it is a very rich dish, because there is béchamel sauce, there are eggs, there is cheese, and there is frying oil…. Yes, very rich, but that the children ate without making the slightest complaint.

It must also be said that we don’t eat gratins every day, I program one gratin per month, including the lasagna… Because these are super rich dishes. You can see the recipe for the cauliflower gratin with béchamel, and the cauliflower gratin with spinach cream

cauliflower potato gratin
cauliflower potato gratin

You will see that this cauliflower Gratin and potatoes is super easy to make, we start by preparing the bechamel sauce, and set it aside, don’t forget to cover it in contact with cling film so as not to have a crust on the surface.

Then we move on to the preparation of the cauliflower and its cooking, you can boil or steam! Personally, I prefer to cook in salted water with a little vinegar and then drain well.

At the same time we prepare the slices or potato cubes for cooking in an oil bath! If in all these steps you add salt, be careful to control the amount of salt, so as not to end up with a too salty patty.

cauliflower potato gratin

cauliflower and potato gratin

Kitchen Love

Preparation time 30 min

Cooking time 30 min

Total time 1 h

  • start by preparing the bechamel sauce to have time to cool.
  • clean the cauliflower and cut it into not too large rosettes
  • boil in salted water with a little vinegar, the cauliflower should not be overcooked.
  • let drain in a strainer.
  • peel the potatoes and cut them into slices about 8 mm high
  • salt a little and fry to give a golden color to the slices
  • let drain on absorbent paper.
  • Fry the cauliflower rosettes in very hot oil, then let drain on absorbent paper.
  • take a gratin mold of almost 22 by 22 cm, butter it barely
  • cover it with the potato slices.
  • place the cauliflower rosettes all over the surface
  • whisk the eggs, add the chopped parsley, and the béchamel sauce
  • Pour this mixture over the cauliflower and potatoes.
  • garnish with grated cheese.
  • put to cook in a preheated oven at 180 degrees C, it should not take more than 15 minutes, because everything is already cooked.
  • light the oven from above to give a nice color to your gratin.
  • and taste.

potato cauliflower garnish

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