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hmiss or grilled pepper salad



Grilled pepper salad

hmiss or grilled pepper salad

Hello everyone,

Hmiss or grilled pepper salad with tomato is a king dish that can be found daily on the meal table in summer and on the Ramadan table.

As it is the season of peppers and tomatoes, they are never lacking in a house, and it is easier to prepare this salad of roasted peppers than to think of a dish with peppers.

It is called hmiss, slita, slata mchwiya or mechouia, ifelfel s’zith, felfela and it is prepared in several ways. This easy and quick recipe is a good idea for a quick meal to enjoy just with a piece of bread or matlouh, or as an accompaniment to grilled meats and roti.

  • You can grill the peppers (or peppers if you tolerate spicy dishes), clean them and remove the black skin, crush them into small pieces, add fresh tomatoes also cut into small cubes and season with a small vinaigrette: vinegar + oil (usually olive oil) + salt and crushed garlic.
  • You can grill the peppers, tomatoes and garlic (still in their skin), remove the black skin, coarsely mash everything together either with a fork or a mincer, then season with a little salt and olive oil .
  • You can grill the peppers and clean them, brown the grated tomato and crushed garlic a little in a little oil, add the roasted peppers cut into small cubes, season with a little salt, simmer for a few minutes, and present with a drizzle of olive oil.
  • There is a versionn of this hmiss but without tomato, with grilled peppers, garlic and a vinaigrette, you can decorate with parsley, for more taste.
hmiss or grilled pepper salad
tomato roasted pepper salad

Tip for a good grilled pepper salad?

– The most important thing is to wash well on the peppers before grilling them.

– With my experience, the hmiss or the slita or even this salad of grilled peppers and a thousand times better with oxhorn peppers, which I cannot find here in England.

There are only round peppers, and I must admit that the taste is completely different.

Long peppers are much more delicious and this is a matter of taste.

– Before grilling the peppers, you have to prick them!

Peppers contain a lot of water, and when you grill or even fry, this water will evaporate and put a lot of pressure inside the pepper, which will explode and it’s really dangerous, especially when it bursts in frying oil.

– You can roast the peppers in the oven or on a gas stove.

for my part, it’s more delicious when it’s grilled over an open fire, whether on a gas stove or on the barbecue, the flavor is better and also it’s the traditional method that rocked our childhood.

– When grilling the peppers, place them directly in an airtight box or in a bag to sweat a little, so removing the black skin will be super easy.

– Never wash roasted peppers cleaned of their skins in water, you will leave all that good flavor in this washing water.

Certainly it is not easy sometimes to remove this skin, rinse your hands to continue cleaning, and even if there is a little of this skin left in the peppers, do not worry, it will give a superb taste to pepper salad.

– You can freeze the roasted peppers once cleaned, but I advise you to clean them well, and wrap each pepper individually if possible.

If you leave a lot of roasted skin on the peppers it will give a lot of bitterness after defrosting.

And placing the peppers individually will allow you to remove and thaw just the amount of roasted peppers you need.

hmiss or grilled pepper salad
hmiss, slita or slata mechouia

How to roast peppers in the oven?

– We are not going to cook the peppers, but to grill them, so turn on the grill of your oven, here I am of course talking about the electric oven.

– Arrange the whole peppers on a baking sheet.

– Place the plate at the top of the oven close to the grill.

– Grill, watching and turning the peppers, until the skin begins to blacken.

hmiss or grilled pepper salad

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type of dish Accompaniment, starter, Salad

Kitchen Algerian cuisine, Moroccan cuisine, Tunisian cuisine

  • 1 kg peppers ox horn here
  • 2 peppers optional
  • 700 gr ripe tomatoes
  • Salt according to your taste
  • 1 clove garlic
  • Olive oil according to your taste
  • Wash and prick the peppers and peppers with a fork. Wash the tomatoes. Pat these vegetables dry with paper towel.

  • grill the peppers and chillies on a barbecue or on a gas stove

  • place the peppers in a bag, close and let sweat

  • Peel and seed the peppers and peppers

  • in a little oil, lightly brown the crushed or grated garlic, add the tomato cut into small cubes

  • sauté a little and add the roasted peppers, crushed or cut into small cubes

  • Salt to taste and drizzle with olive oil before tasting

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