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Kefta skewers, minced meat skewer



Kefta skewers, minced meat skewer

Kefta skewers, minced meat skewer

Hello everyone,

These kefta skewers, or minced meat skewers are so delicious, flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth.

This well-spiced lamb kefta loaded with Mediterranean spices that give a unique flavor especially to these grilled lamb skewers whether on the open fire of the barbecue or on the plancha.

Serve these kofta skewers as a starter with a white sauce, tzatziki or aioli.

Otherwise, I think it’s a perfect meal idea, especially accompanied by these skewers with bulgur pilaf or sautéed potatoes with parsley.

You will see, these kefta skewers are so delicious that you will look for the first opportunity to make them again.

For my part, I liked cooking these skewers in my panini press because I don’t have a plancha, and I had perfect cooking. So I can make them in all seasons, not only in summer on the barbecue… yeah!

This recipe is super easy to make, you can prepare the minced meat the day before.

And even if you are in a hurry, you can make this recipe right away, put it on skewers or in a pancake. Frankly, it’s always good.

If you make pancakes, I advise you to prepare these rolls without extra soft kneading, to stuff them, it’s too good!

What meat for kefta?

Surely beef is much more delicious. But to have melting skewers the meat must contain fat.

We can therefore use a mixture of meat, one that is rich in fat such as lamb and a lean meat such as beef.

if you only put lean meat, it tends to dry out during cooking, which will give the meat a little tough.

You can therefore use both lamb and beef in equal parts for very tasty skewers, otherwise use only the lamb meat, and don’t worry, the skewers will be very good.

What spices to put in kefta skewers?

For this time, and as it was an express preparation of these kefta skewers, I had only added cumin, black pepper and paprika.

Spices that you will easily find in your spice drawer.

But you can let your imagination and your taste take over and give lots of aromas and flavors to your minced meat skewers.

For me, before starting with spices, I start with a very important ingredient: garlic. On its own, it gives an incomparable flavor and fragrance.

But you can go beyond that to enrich this minced meat, adding chopped fresh ginger and chopped shallot. I insist that between the garlic, the ginger and the shallot, all must be finely chopped so that they melt perfectly into the meat and that you don’t feel the pieces between your teeth.

When it comes to spices, we can’t do without cumin, which with garlic gives a unique taste.

You can also add coriander powder and spice it up with hot pepper.

Skewers Kefta
kefta skewers recipe

Tips for successful barbecue kefta skewers:

Personally for this time, I cooked in the panini press, because I don’t have a plancha, besides I have to invest in a good quality one.

I usually cook kefta skewers on the barbecue, and I tell you one thing, I have been through disasters, hence the purpose of addressing this subject and give you some cooking tips and techniques .

Cooking technique is very important, especially when preparing minced lamb skewers.

This meat as explained above is rich in fat, which means that it will melt during cooking and you risk finding yourself with ground meat that comes off the skewers, which sticks to the grill….

Medium heat, this is the most important point. If the minced meat will stick a little, at least it won’t burn before removing them from the barbecue. And don’t worry, these skewers will cook very quickly, even on medium heat.

Type of barbecue grill: The choice of the grid on which the meat rests during cooking is very important.

Even if we like the parallel lines that are drawn on the minced meat skewers, but if they remain intact and do not come off the skewer.

Whatever the type of your barbecue, you can always buy a grid for cooking on fire, with tiles.

With this grid, the meat will stick less during cooking, because the contact surface is very small in addition, the skewers will remain very beautiful.

I’m talking to you about this kind of gate.

bbq grill
bbq grill

Oil your grill. No matter which grill you use, feel free to coat with a little oil before you start. It will make a big difference.

Use tongs and a spatula: A barbecue party is always wonderful, but prepare everything in front of you, because you won’t have time to run back to the kitchen to look for tools. It goes fast and it burns fast!

And having tongs and a spatula to turn the meat or skewers will help you well.

Yes you are going to tell me, there is the skewer, the less you handle the skewer, the better! In addition, you risk burning yourself!

ingredient of kofta skewers

How to prepare kofta skewers?

– Place the minced meat in a large salad bowl,

– finely chop the degermed garlic, the onion and the parsley. Add to minced meat.

– Add salt, black pepper, cumin and paprika

– Mix by hand to homogenize the mixture well,

– Wet your hands. Take a large amount of minced meat.

– Roll it into a ball.

– Pass the skewer through the center of the ball. Now spread it along the skewer.

If the ground meat does not stick well to the skewer, remove and start again.

You can make small skewers or large ones according to your taste.

how to make skewers

– Keep doing this until you run out of minced meat.

– At the time of tasting, heat a panini press or a griddle and grill the skewers.

Video of preparation of minced meat skewers:

You can easily accompany it with:

Skewers Kefta

Kefta skewers, minced meat skewer

Kitchen Love

type of dish Accompaniment, grills, summer recipe

Kitchen easy cooking

  • 450 gr minced meat lamb or beef
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 to 2 cloves garlic
  • some branches of chopped parsley
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • Place the minced meat in a large bowl,

  • add chopped onion, chopped garlic and chopped parsley

  • Add salt, black pepper, cumin and paprika

  • homogenize the mixture well,

  • take a nice amount of this minced meat mixture, and wrap it on the skewer, you can make small skewers or large ones according to your taste.

  • Keep doing this until you run out of minced meat.

  • When ready to serve, heat a panini press or griddle and grill the skewers

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