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Lebanese tabbouleh / varied salad with Bulgur



Lebanese tabbouleh or mixed salad with Bulgur

Lebanese tabbouleh or mixed salad with Bulgur

Hello everyone,

On a beautiful sunny day, there is nothing more delicious than this fresh Lebanese tabbouleh or varied salad with bulgur and very easy to make for a very light evening meal, or to accompany grilled meats.

For me, it’s above all the Ramadan recipe that must be on my table if I’m not preparing a hmiss.

Tabbouleh is fresh, rich in fine herbs and with sweet and tangy flavors between cucumber, tomatoes and lemon vinaigrette.

A healthy and tasty salad that can be served with shawarmas, grilled skewers, roast leg of lamb, chicken or fish.

Even if tabbouleh, or taboulet, or even Lebanese tabbouleh is a very light salad recipe, it is still very rich in nutrients.

As for me, who during Ramadan I don’t often eat chorba like my husband, but I enjoy a plate filled like this with tabbouleh with a few tuna bricks, or falafels.

And I find it satiating, rich in taste and it gives me a boost after a long day.

Lebanese tabbouleh / varied salad with Bulgur

What is tabbouleh?

Lebanese tabbouleh or tabouli salad is a popular Middle Eastern dish.

A very fresh, appetizing, healthy and tasty salad that can be served as a dish or side dish.

Tabbouleh is a super fresh herb and bulgur salad, which has lots of parsley sprinkled over a mix of diced cucumber and tomato, and simply seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice.

I discovered this tabbouleh recipe when I arrived here in England at my Lebanese friend’s house.

We were invited to her house, and I confess that I didn’t touch anything else, so much I liked this culinary discovery.

My husband had eaten just a little and stopped and my friend said to him: Didn’t you like it?

He claimed the taste of mint was a little strong for him, my husband only likes mint in mint tea!

So my friend said to her: Ah, but I’m going to bring you a version without mint, because my son is like you, he doesn’t like the taste either.

Of course, I wrote down my friend’s recipe, and each time I made it, I made two portions, one with the mint and one without, and guess what?

My children are like their dad, they prefer the Lebanese tabbouleh without the mint.

tabbouleh ingredients

What do you put in a tabbouleh?

Bulgur: one of the main ingredients of tabbouleh. It gives body to this salad and makes it feel satisfying. You can use medium bulgur or fine bulgur. To prepare medium bulgur, add boiling water over it and leave for 10 minutes then drain and it’s ready.

parsley : it is he who adds all that beautiful color and freshness, if you have parsley from the garden, just wash off the dust, leaf and chop. If you have parsley in the fridge that has lost its freshness, plunge it all into cold water for at least 30 minutes, and you’ll see how it will regain its shine.

Mint: Personally I love mint, but not my little family, so I prepare the chopped mint and when I use it I put it in my dish, and voila.

Tomatoes: Use fresh tomatoes for this recipe, I put cherry tomatoes in this recipe, the most important thing is that they are crunchy.

The cucumber: I don’t like cucumber in salads, but in tabbouleh I eat it without difficulty, already because I cut it a little small, and also, its taste is well hidden by the fine herbs.

Onion: I love onions in salads, and when I have them I add the red onion and the spring onions (green onions). But if you don’t have any, you can use white onion.

green olives: you can put some, as you can do without, at home if my youngest eats the tabbouleh it’s just because there are green olives in it.

Lemon juice : I make the dressing with lemon juice and olive oil, but when I have pomegranate molasses at home, I make the dressing with it.

I learned how to put molasses in tabbouleh since I tried Turkish tabbouleh or kisir especially with crunchy pomegranate seeds, my god it’s good.

Lebanese tabbouleh / varied salad with Bulgur

How to store tabbouleh?

Tips I learned with my friends from the Middle East:

– always use fresh ingredients.

– The washed herbs must be drained well before adding them to the salad

– Only add the vinaigrette just before serving. During Ramadan, I prepare tabbouleh for at least 4 days, I mix all the ingredients, without putting the mint because of my small family, and I put in a tightly closed box. Every day, I just take out the amount we’re going to eat, and it stays intact.

mustard vinaigrette
vinaigrette recipe

Enjoy this salad with bread if you like to drizzle in a salad, or without bread!

Present it as a starter or side dish, or for hot days, with grilled meats on the barbecue, this salad is a real delight to eat without moderation, hihihi!

Thank you for your visits and comments.

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Lebanese tabbouleh / varied salad with Bulgur

Lebanese tabbouleh / varied salad with Bulgur

kitchen love

Preparation time 20 min

Cooking time 10 min

Total time 30 min

type of dish Salad

Kitchen Ramadan cuisine, Lebanese cuisine

  • 3 vs. soup bulgur or instead cracked wheat
  • 1/2 pepper
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 2 fresh medium tomatoes
  • 1 handful of pitted green olives
  • 1/2 onion
  • 10 strands of parsley
  • the squeezed juice of a lemon or according to taste
  • 2 to 3 vs. tablespoons olive oil
  • salt
  • preparation method:
  • place the bulgur in a bowl, add boiling water on top
  • leave to rest for 5 mins
  • drain and boil in moderately salted water
  • when tender, drain and let cool
  • wash your vegetables, and cut them into small pieces
  • cut the olives into slices
  • mix all your ingredients in a bowl
  • season to taste with salt, olive oil, and lemon juice

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