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Algerian fried cakes

makrout laassel with almonds (Algerian cake)



makrout laassel with almonds

makrout laassel with almonds

Hello everyone,

Makrout laassel with almonds or makrout lassel bel louz is a delicious Algerian cake made from semolina containing in its heart a gourmet almond stuffing, a cake that can be fried.

Today we are going to see the best and most successful recipe for makrout laassel with almonds.

It’s a cake that I personally like a lot, but it’s not what my husband or my children like, they prefer baked makrout (makrout el koucha).

The two recipes are similar, especially since we have makrout laassel with date paste.

The difference, which you should know, is that baked makrout is easier than fried makrout:

– One for cooking, the fried makrout takes longer especially to stand in front of the pan, unlike the makrout in the oven, we put in the tray and voila.

– You have to know how to prepare the dough for the fried makrout, that it is moist just to the point, neither too dry nor too wet otherwise it will crumble during frying. While baked makrout will not cause us this concern, the most important thing is that the dough is not too dry.

– Just after frying, you have to coat the fried makrout in honey, to keep them. Whereas with makrout el koucha you can keep and only put in the honey when serving.

makrout laassel in honey

In any case, this fried makrout never leaves my Ramadan table, I much prefer it to kalb el louz or zlabia, because it’s less sweet.

Especially as I explain below, with the measure, I can prepare just what is needed for 2 or 3 days.

Why do I only prepare a little? Because I’m the only one who eats this makrout and it can mold easily, especially if you don’t keep it well.

makrout laassel
makrout laassel bel louz

What are the ingredients of makrout laassel with almonds?

Here, we’re just going to talk a little about the ingredients, the quantities are given below in the recipe sheet.

wheat semolina: Here I use medium semolina, not too sieved, which can contain a little fine semolina, to have a nice dough that can be collected. I never use fine semolina alone to make makrout, otherwise the cakes will be pasty and hard.

It is the medium semolina that will give this very melting shortbread side and a crumbly and crispy texture in the mouth.

Plain flour: In the dough we will only add 2 c. flour. Why?

Sometimes the medium semolina that we buy is well sieved that it will not contain the fine semolina, and that is why we add these two spoons of flour, just so that the dough does not crumble.

The fat: I use here a mixture of smen and oil.

For those who don’t know smen it’s a clarified butter called gheeon the link above you will find the recipe in video.

Instead of using the full measure of smen, I remove almost 1 cm of smen from the measure, and I put in the oil, a neutral vegetable oil.

the water: We will pick up the makrout dough with the water, which we will flavor with orange blossom water to have a well-scented dough. We mix these two ingredients together and we start to moisten the semolina and the fat, without kneading too much, otherwise we will give gluten to the dough, something we absolutely want to avoid to have the perfect and crispy texture of the makrout.

The addition of salt is very important in the makrout dough, even if it is a sweet honey cake, the salt will give all the balance in taste and a better flavor.

egg white: Everyone has their own trick for making the fried makrout a success and that it doesn’t crumble when frying.

Personally, this is the trick I learned from my mother, adding the egg white which will stiffen the dough a little while remaining airy.

Powdered almonds: You can buy the ground almonds already ready, otherwise prepare the ground almonds yourself.

If you want to make it, you can see all the details on my homemade marzipan recipe.

Granulated sugar: The white powdered sugar will easily mix with the rest of the ingredients and melt.

Not granulated sugar, which is bigger than powdered sugar, and not icing sugar. Because depending on the country, the appointment changes.

Cinnamon powder: Do not skip adding cinnamon to the stuffing, because even if the almonds are a delicious dried fruit, it is the cinnamon that will give all the flavor and enhance the taste of the almonds.

If you don’t add cinnamon, you won’t get any flavor, plus cinnamon is good for your health!

Some use lemon zest, certainly it gives a good flavor, I sometimes add it, without neglecting the addition of cinnamon.

But flavoring the marzipan with only lemon zest is not going to give you the good flavor of the almonds.

Orange tree Flower water: It is with the orange blossom water that I collect the almond paste, and I also add it to the water to collect the semolina paste.

It is the emblem of Algerian pastry and cakes, it will be rare to find an Algerian cake recipe where orange blossom water does not enter as an ingredient.

makrout laassel 2

But what is the measurement in Algerian cakes?

This is the question that comes up quite often, every time I share a recipe for Algerian cake or Arabic cake!

We mainly use the measure, because in the traditional cuisine of our ancestors there was no scale!

We’re going to talk about measuring now, so measuring is any container you’re going to use to measure the amount of all your ingredients.

You will use the same container for the entire recipe.

It’s basically like the yogurt cake, where you use the yogurt cup to measure the rest of the ingredients.

the measure in the Algerian cake

Give me the quantity in grams!!

Unfortunately, I cannot give you the quantity in grams, because in fact it will depend on the container used.

But be careful, it’s a good thing to use the measure!

In fact with the measure you can control the quantity you will have to make the cake, and you will not miss it.

For example, you can prepare only 6 pieces of these makrouts, and you are not going to rack your brains with the rule of threes, or the divisions!

As a measure you can use:

– 1 glass of tea of ​​150 ml capacity

– 1 glass of water of 220 ml capacity

– 1 bowl with a capacity of 300 ml

– 1 large bowl with a capacity of 450 ml

And so on, depending on how much of the cake you want to have.

makrout laassel with almonds (Algerian cake) in video:

I made the recipe in videobecause it will especially help you to see the texture of the dough.

Sometimes the dough crumbles during frying, especially if it lacks a little water, it is better to prepare this cake in small quantities, cover the dough well so that it does not dry out, and above all, it is always good to have good quality semolina!

The most requested Algerian cakes:

You have to taste the cakes to know that they are the best cakes you can taste. But I share with the cakes who have often asked themselves.

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makrout laassel with almonds

kitchen love

Preparation time 20 min

Cooking time 15 min

Total time 35 min

for the dough:

  • 3 measures medium semolina which overflow
  • 1 measure of smen minus 1 finger and fill the rest with cooking oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • water almost a measure
  • Orange tree Flower water
  • finely grated lemon zest optional, but it tastes good
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 vs. tablespoons plain flour

Prepare the stuffing:

  • collect the almonds, the sugar, the cinnamon with the orange blossom water to obtain a soft and malleable stuffing. Book.

Prepare the dough:

  • Pour the semolina and salt into a large terrine. Mix.

  • Make a fountain and add a measure of lukewarm fat on top. sand well between your hands so that the fat is completely absorbed by the semolina.

  • Leave to rest for at least an hour. sand from time to time

  • After this time, add the egg white and the flour, sprinkle this mixture of semolina and fat with the mixture of water and orange blossom water just at your fingertips without kneading it. the dough must be collected but not doughy.

  • let the dough rest a bit to absorb the liquids.

  • take a good amount of the dough, shape a sausage. With your index finger, make a slit in the center lengthwise.

  • Roll a small sausage of the almond stuffing and place it in the slot.

  • Brush the edges of the semolina dough with your thumb and forefinger to cover the almond stuffing well.

  • Roll again gently to have a sausage with a width of 3 cm in height.

  • cook these diamonds in very hot oil, but over medium heat. The makrouts must have a golden hue and be well cooked inside

  • at the end of cooking, dip the almond makrouts in the hot honey
    in any case, one of the two must be very hot, either the makrouts, or the honey.

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