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Algerian fried cakes

My Algerian cakes Aid el fitr 2014



My Algerian cakes Aid el fitr 2014

Hello everyone,

Once again, happy Eid el Fitr 2014, I hope you had a great morning, and I hope the children enjoyed the cakes you made.

I share with you my dears, and as usual, the photos of the Algerian cakes of aid el fitr 2014, I hope you will like the photos, it was taken in a hurry, before the arrival of the men of the mosque.

This year, I didn’t have the chance to prepare many cakes, because of the baby, and because of my trip to Algeria. I arrived just 5 days ago, barely after unpacking the shopping bags, and already at the neighborhood grocer to buy the ingredients needed to make my Algerian cakes for aid el fitr 2014.

So the photo from above, and that of the Algerian cakes without cooking harissat el louz, or harissa el louz (recipe to come)

arayeche Algerian cakes aid el fitr 2014.CR2

Frozen Arayche “so girly” at the request of my daughter. For my daughter there is no Aid without “araycha” as she calls them.

ezhar cake aid cakes 2014 031.CR2

Algerian cake ezhar “luck” and the video is here: halwat ezhar algerian cake in video (recipe that I saw on the Samira TV channel)

aid cakes 2014 013.CR2

Shortbread with Nestlé and Nutella, recipe to come.

peanut ghribia aid cakes 2014.CR2

Ghribia with peanuts “recipes to come”griwech cakes of aid 2014 .CR2Griwech, recipe that can never miss my aid table at the request of my father.

jam sands aid cakes 2014.CR2

Jam shortbread, very melting, I promise.

tcharek ice cream cakes of aid 2014 .CR2

Frozen charek, super melting too

cakes on the floors, gingerbread.CR2

gingerbread with jam cakes of aid 2014 027.CR2

cakes on the floors, or chocolate gingerbread recipe already on the blog, but here is the revisited version, which I will post soon

mderbel jam cake aid cakes 2014.CR2Mderbel, jam cakes. here decorated with slivered almonds

baklawa aid cakes 2014 042.CR2

Constantine baklawa with almonds.

makrout el koucha au nakache aid cakes 2014 021.CR2

Makrout el koucha mankouche.

My Algerian cakes Aid el fitr 2014

kitchen love

Preparation time 30 min

Cooking time 15 min

Total time 45 min

  • Griwech
  • Makrout
  • arayeche
  • ghribia
  • mderbel
  • baklava
  • tchareck
  • Harissa
  • dry cake
  • honey cake
  • no-bake cake
  • Algerian cake

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