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My experience with a copper supplement?, Copper is one of the important minerals in the human body, which is found in a large number of foods and can be obtained in several ways. In the coming lines, we will talk about this topic through and learn about the most important information about copper supplements and their benefits and many other information on this topic in detail.

What is copper metal?

Copper is one of the most important minerals that the human body needs, but in small quantities, as it is not among the minerals and vitamins that the body needs in large quantities. The human body cannot manufacture and produce copper, and therefore must be obtained from external sources such as various foods that contain copper. Obtain it by taking nutritional supplements that can be taken orally or by injection in the event that a person suffers from a deficiency of copper in the body, as copper is considered one of the important minerals for the health of many organs of the body as it helps in strengthening blood vessels and nerves as well as strengthening the system It is also important in the manufacture of red blood cells in the body, as it is important in benefiting from iron, as well as collagen production and many other benefits, and it also acts as an assistant to enzymes that carry out many processes in the body, so copper deficiency is one of the things that require treatment through Take supplements that contain copper.[1]

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Reasons for taking copper supplements

Copper is available in pharmacies in the form of nutritional supplements that can be obtained, where it can be found alone, as it may be found in a dietary supplement with a group of other minerals and vitamins, and copper may be taken in the form of injections, and in general, copper supplements are taken and described while there was Deficiency in the level of copper in the body. The most important reasons and cases in which copper supplements should be taken are the following:[2]

  • Suffering from a lack of copper levels in the body than normal and the person suffering from various symptoms and signs that indicate this deficiency.
  • Doing a gastric removal operation, as people who perform this operation need more copper than normal.
  • Women who suffer from frequent miscarriages during pregnancy, because copper is useful for pregnant women and promotes the healthy development of the fetus and protects against the risk of miscarriage.
  • Suffering from arthritis and various skin diseases, as well as suffering from skin burns, as all these cases benefit from taking copper supplements.
  • The presence of diseases and problems in the formation of red blood cells, as copper plays an important role in the formation and production of red blood cells. It also helps in the absorption of iron, which also has a role in the formation of red blood cells.
  • Suffering from diarrhea, intestinal diseases or disorders of the pancreas.

My Experience with a Copper Supplement

Many people have tried copper supplements sold in pharmacies that contain copper, either alone or with a group of other minerals and vitamins. The most important people’s experiences with copper supplements are:

  • The first experimentA woman says that she was constantly suffering from extreme tiredness and exhaustion, and when she did some tests and examinations, she discovered that she suffers from a problem of copper deficiency in the blood, and therefore the doctor gave her a dietary supplement that contains copper and is taken orally, and indeed this woman regularly took this supplement. She has already regained her health and activity, but she recommends going to the doctor before taking this supplement in order to take the appropriate dose.
  • second experienceOne of the women tells that she was sitting with one of her friends and talking about the appearance of white hair on the head and early graying, and how annoying and disturbing it is for many people. Her friend told her that she uses copper supplement regularly, which helped her reduce the appearance of white hair. She tried copper supplements based on her friend’s experience, which helped her prevent graying of the hair, but it does not help to get rid of the white hair or gray hair that is already on the head.

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The importance of copper supplement

Copper supplements are one of the most important nutritional supplements that are used for the multiple benefits they provide. The importance of these supplements are as follows:[2]

  • Strengthening the work of glands in the body and improving the metabolism or metabolism in order for the body to benefit from food and convert it into energy.
  • Improving the work of the nervous system and preventing many diseases that may affect it, such as memory problems.
  • Strengthening the connective tissues in the human body, thus strengthening the bones and joints and preventing their weakness.
  • Treating the problem of iron deficiency in the body and promoting the production of new red blood cells, which helps prevent anemia and treat this condition.
  • Stimulating the maintenance of natural hair color by enhancing the production of melanin pigment, which helps prevent premature graying and the appearance of white hair, as it helps prevent the spread of graying in the head.
  • Maintaining the freshness and elasticity of the skin and preventing premature skin wrinkles.

Risks of taking copper supplements

Of course, copper supplements are necessary in the event of a deficiency in the level or proportion of copper in the human body in order to compensate for the deficiency, but the doctor must prescribe the appropriate supplement and determine the appropriate dose of it, because eating a large amount or an overdose of copper leads to some problems The harmful side effects are as follows:[2]

  • Headache.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • The presence of blood in the vomit.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • yellowing of the skin;
  • Feeling tired and exhausted and unable to make the effort.
  • Loss of consciousness as a result of dizziness.
  • Attention Deficit.
  • Mood changes and depression.
  • Ease of agitation and agitation.
  • Brain diseases.
  • Kidney disorders.
  • liver failure;
  • heart attack.

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The general benefits of copper for the human body

Copper is one of the important and beneficial minerals for the human body, and its deficiency leads to many different purposes and complications. The most important functions that copper performs and provides to the body are as follows:[1]

  • Maintaining the health of bones and joints in the body, because eating copper supports the formation of collagen and elastin in the body, which helps support various body tissues such as bones and joints.
  • Preventing various infections that affect the human body, the most important of which are arthritis, and reducing the exacerbation of this inflammation.
  • Reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body and increasing the level of good cholesterol, which helps in promoting cardiovascular health and preventing diseases such as atherosclerosis.
  • Promote the formation of new red blood cells, as it helps in the absorption and utilization of iron, which helps in the prevention of anemia.
  • Reducing the risk of high blood pressure, which helps protect the heart from many damages such as heart attacks and strokes.
  • Improving the body’s ability to recover from problems and disorders that affect it, such as working to heal wounds and heal burns that affect the skin, as this mineral activates the work of various enzymes in the body that work to heal the wound quickly.
  • Strengthening the immune system in the human body, which helps prevent the body from infection with many different diseases such as anemia, infection and inflammation.
  • Greatly maintain the elasticity, freshness and vitality of the skin and prevent the early appearance of wrinkles on the skin due to stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and many other substances associated with skin youth.
  • Strengthening the work of the thyroid gland and preventing diseases that reduce the activity of the body.
  • Helping the proper growth of different body tissues and preventing growth problems.
  • Stimulating the production of melanin pigment, thus preventing white hair growth and premature graying.

Recommended amounts of copper

Of course, the human body needs a certain amount of copper during the day in order to perform various functions, and this amount varies according to many factors, including the age of the person, and these quantities are as follows:[1]

  • Infants up to one year of age should get 200 micrograms of copper daily.
  • Children 1 to 3 years of age should get 340 micrograms of copper per day.
  • Children four to eight years old should get 440 micrograms of copper per day.
  • People nine to thirteen years old should get 700 micrograms of copper per day.
  • People 14 to 18 years old should get 890 micrograms of copper per day.
  • People aged 19 and over should get 900 micrograms of copper per day.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women 14 to 18 years old should get 1,000 micrograms of copper per day.
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women aged 19 and over should get 1,300 micrograms of copper per day.

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sources of copper

Copper can be obtained by eating foods that contain it, as copper is found in many types of foods from which it can be obtained, such as seafood of various kinds, the most important of which are salmon, tuna and other types of fish. Copper can also be obtained from During eating liver, oats, as well as mushrooms, it can also be obtained by eating some types of nuts such as almonds, as well as some types of grains such as sesame seeds and also dark chocolate, and it can also be obtained by taking nutritional supplements that can be taken orally or by injection in the case of The person had a copper deficiency in the body.[3]

Symptoms of copper deficiency in the body

When a person does not get enough copper through foods, he will suffer from copper deficiency in the body, and the person may also develop copper deficiency as a result of a problem or genetic defect that causes the inability to absorb copper in the body and benefit from it, which leads to the emergence of Some of the symptoms and signs, the most important of which are the following:[2][3]

  • Incidence of bone problems and disorders such as weak and brittle bones and loss of density.
  • Feeling weak, tired and unable to exert effort as a result of anemia due to copper deficiency.
  • Paleness of the skin and its loss of vitality and elasticity as a result of the inability to produce melanin as well as collagen, which play an important role in the vitality and freshness of the skin.
  • Having problems with the nervous system, such as poor eyesight, due to the entry of copper into the work of some enzymes that help in the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Finding difficulty in walking because copper helps in the work of some types of enzymes necessary for the functioning of the spinal cord.
  • Having brain problems and diseases such as memory diseases.
  • Repeated infection and inflammation as a result of a weak immune system and an inability to fight diseases that affect the body.
  • The appearance of white hair and premature graying of the hair due to the lack of melanin production.

The effects of excess copper in the body

Despite the health benefits of copper and its great importance, its excess in the body than the normal limit leads to some disorders and damage, such as:[1]

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Reduction of Blood pressure.
  • Arrhythmia.
  • Breathing difficulty.
  • Stomach problems, digestion, and dark stools.
  • Headache.
  • fainting;
  • Liver and kidney damage.

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Finally, we know My experience with a copper supplement?, We also learned about the most important information about copper supplements and the most important benefits they provide, as well as the cases in which they are used and the risks of their use, as well as the general benefits of copper, its sources and recommended quantities, and many other information on this subject in detail.

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