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recipe for easy meloui mlaoui or puff pastry msemens (thermomix or without)



Meloui or mlaoui

recipe for easy meloui mlaoui or puff pastry msemens (thermomix or without)

Hello everyone,

For lovers of the easy meloui mlaoui recipe or puff pastry msemens with thermomix or without, you have come to the right place. At home, these puff pastry meloui or mlaoui or msemen are in great demand, whether for a snack spread with strawberry jam or just to enjoy with a delicious mint tea.

Msemen or meloui, I make a version almost every week and especially if I have prepared mhadjeb (stuffed msemen) and I have no tuna stuffing left.

We must be frank, even if these meloui are extremely delicious, but it is not the easiest recipe in the world, especially when you make the recipe with semolina. With semolina, the mlaoui are more crispy and tender at the same time, my husband does not like the flour version at all, nor do I, for that matter, exactly as for the Sfenj.

I did not grow up making mhadjebs or msemens with flour, moreover for me it was a discovery the flour versions, I remember that my mother did not add flour to the msemen dough than when it fell on bad semolina where it could not develop gluten and give elasticity to the dough.

Preparing the msemen with flour is super easy, because you can easily develop gluten in a dough with flour, on the other hand with semolina, you have to knead and knead for quite a long time, rolling the dough without tearing it to manage to develop this elastic texture, which will allow us to stretch the dough finely enough to make msemens, meloui or mhadejbs.

In terms of taste and texture, the msemens were prepared with semolina without a thousand times better than those prepared with flour, but of course, this remains a personal opinion because personally I like the slightly crispy side of the dough.

Today, I share with you the recipe for these meloui on video for a more explanatory visual. For this realization I used the thermomix, but you can of course make the recipe with the kneader or by hand. Besides, here is how to prepare this msemen, mhadjeb or mlaoui dough by hand: realization of mhadejbs by hand

meloui or mlaoui
Meloui with thermomix or without

recipe for easy meloui mlaoui or puff pastry msemens (thermomix or without)

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For the dough:

  • 250 gr fine semolina
  • 150 gr plain flour
  • ½ vs. teaspoon dry baker’s yeast
  • ½ vs. coffee salt
  • more or less than 250 ml of water depending on the absorption of the dry products

For the pancake puff pastry: (you can double the quantities as needed)

  • 80 gr. melted butter
  • 80 gr. oil
  • Fine semolina

You can prepare the dough in a kneader by introducing the water to the rest of the ingredients in small quantities while kneading. As you can make the dough with the Thermomix by activating the kneading mode for 5 min and introducing the water through the hole in the lid.

  • when the dough is ready, let it rest for a few minutes, then form balls as big as a nice tangerine.

  • mix the melted butter and the oil.

  • take the first ball formed and start spreading it very thin with the oil

  • apply a little of the butter and oil mixture, then sprinkle with fine semolina

  • fold one side of the thinly rolled out dough over 2/3 of the dough circle.

  • apply the butter and oil mixture once again, as well as the fine semolina. and fold the other free side to form a large rectangle.

  • apply the butter-oil mixture, sprinkle with fine semolina, and fold the rectangle in half to have a very long strip.

  • once again apply the butter and the oil as well as the fine semolina, and roll the dough on itself into a sausage.

  • stick the end of the sausage on one side and place the sausage vertically, crush it a little so that it is a little flat. (I strongly advise you to see the video at the top) to fully understand these steps). Reserve aside.

  • do the same for the other balls. once all the sausages have been shaped

  • take the first shaped sausage and flatten very gently starting from the middle to have a nice circle and above all keep the spirals. spread out to almost 5 mm

  • heat a heavy cast-iron skillet or a crepe maker, sprinkle a little oil and butter in the pan, cook your meloui on both sides over medium heat to ensure that the meloui are well cooked, especially on the inside.

recipe for easy meloui mlaoui or puff pastry msemens (thermomix or without)
Meloui or puff pastry msemen

To taste Mhajeb Ramadan Algeria Morocco Puff pastry Semolina

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