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Sellou without flour without fat (with thermomix)



Sellou without flour without fat (with thermomix)

Sellou without flour without fat (with thermomix)

Hello everyone,

The sellou also called sfouf or slilou is a delicious Moroccan confectionery or very nutritious dessert prepared with roasted cereals, dried fruits, sesame seeds and aromatic spices.

All roasted and finely ground then collect with fat and sugar to have this gourmet nutritious dessert.

A Ramadan recipe that should not be overlooked accompanied by a good mint tea.

Sellou is traditionally served during Ramadan, celebrations to mark the birth of a baby, weddings and other special occasions.

And watch out, there is not just one Sellou recipe!

Sellou without grans and without flour, is it possible?

Yes! Today we are going to discover together a recipe for sellou without flour and without fat.

I got skinny from my Thermomix to prepare this delicious sellou, because you are going to need a very robust robot to have the perfect texture of the sellou.

It’s exactly as you do with a praline paste or peanut butter, mix and mix until the dried fruits release as much fat as possible to give a nice texture to the preparation.

Of course you can prepare the recipe with a multi-function robot, or your electric chopper. But you have to be patient, because it will take a long time.

Why? Because the device will heat up very quickly, and you have to let it cool down each time to mix again!

Sellou without flour without fat (with thermomix)
Sellou with thermomix without flour without fat

Why prepare selou?

Because it is too good and very nutritious!

The first time I tasted sellou, I thought it was bsissa from eastern Algeria.

With us, bsissa is a homemade powder either with barley flour or grilled malt to which other seeds are added.

Each family has its secrets: roasted lentils, roasted chickpeas.

All these cereals and seeds are generally prepared and roasted by the care of the host of the house, who then brings them back to the town mill so that the whole thing is well reduced to powder.

This powder is stored like this, and to taste it, we melt fresh cow butter to which we add honey, then we add this bsissa powder to have a gourmet paste that is not too runny or too dry, which we eat with a spoon. .

The bsissa in Tunisia is different from the Algerian bsissa, we already add spices to the powder, we will find the bsissa with cumin, the bssissa with fennel powder and so on.

Add to that, that in the Tunisian version, you just have to add water and sugar to prepare the final dough.

All that, just to tell you the confusion I had the first time I tasted the sellou, I thought it was a spicy bsissa picked up with butter and honey.

But with time and the arrival of the internet, I discovered Sellou’s recipes, how do you prepare this delicacy?

And that’s when I realized that it was nothing like the Algerian bsissa.

sellou without flour and without butter or oil

On my blog you will find different sellou recipes, my favorites are:

– Moroccan sellou made from toasted flour, toned almonds and sesame seeds. And it was this recipe that I made since my discovery of this Moroccan delicacy.

– the buckwheat sellou without butter, one of my favourites.

– This sellou recipe without flour, butter or oil

But what is in this recipe of sellou without flour is fat?

I will tell you about the ingredients that make up this sellou, the quantities you will find them at the bottom of the recipe card.

These ingredients will give you a very healthy and healthy dessert that you still need taste in moderation.

Oatmeal: For this recipe we will roast the oats with a little brown sugar, it will caramelize a little and give a supreme taste to the sellou.

Toasted almonds and toasted sesame seeds: it is these two ingredients that we will mix well until they reject their oils and it is thanks to this that we will have the sellou paste.

arabic gum Where meska: and the ingredient that will help keep sellou in the cupboard the longest without mold.

Cinnamon and fennel seeds: Not only are these two spices super fragrant, they are also too good for your health, personally I always take them as an infusion.

Demerara sugar and brown sugar: I use demerara sugar to sweeten the sellou, but it will only be a very small amount. Depending on your taste you can replace with honey or even dates and I’m not telling you about the nutrient bomb.

And brown sugar as I said above to caramelize the oatmeal a little.

ingredients of sellou without flour or fat

You can present the sellou in small bites and it will be very delicious energy balls. As you can present it in very small verrines.

sellou without flour and without butter or oil

Sellou without flour without fat with the thermomix

Kitchen Love

The sellou, sfouf or slilou a delicious and very nutritious Moroccan dessert made from roasted cereals, dried fruits, sesame seeds and aromatic spices. This revisited sellou without flour, without fat (no butter or oil) is a Ramadan recipe that you absolutely must prepare.
  • 250 gr rolled oats
  • 250 gr toasted almonds
  • 250 gr toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 bit of gum arabic meska
  • 1 vs. cinnamon stick
  • 1 vs. and a half tablespoons of fennel seeds.
  • 30 gr demerara sugar
  • 130 gr brown sugar
  • mix the oats with the brown sugar and put in the oven to grill, watch it burns quickly.

  • place the gum arabic, the demerara sugar and the fennel seeds in the bowl of the thermomix and press: 20 seconds / speed 10

  • add the almonds, and the sesame seeds and operate 5 seconds / speed 7

  • take 3 to 4 ladles of this well crushed mixture.

  • Put the thermomix bowl back and mix several times at speed 10 while scraping the sides each time to get a good almond paste.

  • introduce the toasted and cooled oat flakes.

  • and mix again speed 10 several times until the mixture releases its oil.

  • Now add the crushed almonds and sesame seeds that you took earlier.

  • This time we do the reverse speed function, and we activate the thermomix speed 3 in reverse

  • The sellou is ready, you can keep it in an airtight box in the cupboard for 2 months and more.

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