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tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms



tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms

Hello everyone,

Here is a tajine recipe for chicken rolls with meat and mushrooms that really deserves to be tested. This dish is to die for, it is so good, that my husband and my dad blamed me for not having made a lot (and yet I made a very large pot of it, greedy people!!!). A dish to taste without moderation so that it is good.

This recipe for chicken roll tagine with meat and mushrooms was inspired by the talented Oum amani from the El djelfa forum… Such a generous woman who gives always successful recipes. Except that Oum amani in her recipe used merguez sausages, and since I didn’t have any merguez sausages, I made with minced meat.

Even if this recipe for mushroom tagine and chicken roll with meat seems filled with meat, in my humble opinion, it is not, because if you use merguez sausages, 5 or 6 pieces will be enough (for 5 or 6 people), in addition to half a chicken breast, and for the sauce, according to your taste, you can add pieces of chicken, as you can do without.

For my part, in this tagine of mushroom-rolled chicken with minced meat, the chicken thighs that I put are especially, for my son, who doesn’t like minced meat??? yet he really likes burgers, but when it’s in sauce, it’s not for him.

I give you the recipe video:

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tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms
tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms

tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms

Kitchen Love

Preparation time 40 min

Cooking time 20 min

Total time 1 h

for the sauce:

  • 4 chicken thighs otherwise you can skip it
  • 1 medium onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 1 vs. a soup of smen
  • salt and black pepper
  • 300 gr of mushrooms canned
  • 1 nice handful of pitted green olives or + or – as desired.

for the chicken rolls:

Prepare the sauce

  • brown the onion and crushed garlic in the smen,
  • add the pieces of meat, and the chopped parsley, or in a small tied bunch according to taste.
  • add water, salt and pepper, and cook (especially not too much salt)

prepare the chicken rolls stuffed with minced meat:

  • Start by preparing the meat stuffing, adding the chopped parsley, chopped garlic, salt, black pepper, cumin, egg yolk, and bread crumbs drained of its milk.
  • mix everything together to season all the meat.
  • Prepare sausages of almost 12 cm by 2
  • flour just a little, and fry in a little oil
  • let cool on absorbent paper.
  • chop the piece of chicken breast
  • add salt, black pepper, chopped garlic and chopped parsley
  • Mix everything well, then spread it into a rectangle almost 5 mm high.
  • cover each sausage well with the chicken breast (if the chicken meat sticks to your hand, wet your hands a little)
  • sauté sausages of meat in the same frying oil, just to give a nice color to the little chicken rolls.
  • let drain a little on absorbent paper.
  • in the same oil, brown the sliced ​​mushrooms.
  • then add them to the white sauce, and also add the chicken rolls.
  • add the previously boiled pitted olives to desalinate them a little.
  • simmer a little, so that the sauce is a little reduced, check the salt and remove from the heat.
  • You can fry the chicken thighs just to give them some color.
  • during the presentation, remove the chicken rolls with minced meat, and cut them into slices but at an angle (i.e. with an inclined knife),
  • garnish the dish, and cover with the mushroom sauce.

tajine of chicken roll with meat and mushrooms

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