Treating triglycerides at home .. “a quick and healthy way”



The incidence of triglycerides causes many problems, to the extent that it seriously threatens the patient’s health with some serious diseases, so some resort to the continuous search for a treatment to rid him of this symptom that negatively affects his life, and from here we review in this report the most important causes and treatment of triglycerides at home Fast, according to health line.

What triglycerides and their levels in the body?

It is a type of fat found in the blood. After you eat food, the body converts calories that it does not need into triglycerides and stores them in fat cells until they are used. Many women are looking for the causes of triglycerides and ways to treat them at home in a correct way.

Triglycerides are an important source of energy in the body, as well as the presence of a lot of them in the blood, which increases the risk of heart disease, in addition to the fact that about 25.9% of adults in the United States of America suffer from high blood fat, in addition to obesity or diabetes. Drinking alcohol and following a high-calorie diet contribute to a high level of fats in the blood.

Ways to reduce blood fat levels

It can be reduced through a variety of diet and lifestyle changes, and following these tips:

1- Get a healthy weight, as losing weight can reduce body fat

2- Reducing the intake of sugar There is a lot of added sugar in sweets, soft drinks and fruit juice, which raises the level of fat in the blood and leads to heart disease, and you can replace sugar-sweetened drinks with water, which in turn lowers these fats.

3- A low-carb diet, as excess carbohydrates turn into triglycerides called triglycerides and store them in fat cells, and reducing them contributes to lowering their levels in the body.

4- Eat more fiber, which is found naturally in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, grains and legumes, and slows the absorption of fats and sugar in the intestines.

5- Regular exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling and swimming, as they reduce body fat.

6- Avoid eating harmful unsaturated fats, which are fats added to processed foods; To increase its viability, it is found in fried foods and baked goods made with hydrogenated oils.

7- Eating fish twice a week, as it contains many benefits, including sardines, herring, salmon, mackerel and tuna, to maintain heart health; Because it contains omega 3.

8- Increase the intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are found in olive oil, nuts, avocados, fish, walnuts, flax seeds and chia.

9- Avoid drinking alcohol

10- Eating soy protein Soybeans are rich in isoflavones, which are plant compounds with health benefits and lower cholesterol.

11- Eat a lot of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews and pistachios

12- Take some nutritional supplements such as fish oil and fenugreek plant.

Dr. Doaa Suhail confirmed, in her statements to the “Sada Al-Balad” channel, that a person with triglycerides or cholesterol does not have any health problems, in addition to the fact that he needs an effective drug to suppress his appetite.

Sohail explained the reason for his need for a strong and effective drug; Because it contains a lot of high dietary fiber, such as the Vitarm capsule for slimming, which contains many enzymes that regulate the digestive process and reduce stomach diseases and burn a lot of calories in the body, in addition to giving it another auxiliary drug to increase the rate of burning, such as Drops, which contributes to blocking appetite, getting rid of triglycerides and losing 8-10 kilos per month.

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